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This page will help you with your GIS questions and GIS Data how to concerns.


What are the GIS Data Types?

Standard GIS Data
 ($100)- This data is “as is”, there is no guarantee of quality from one data set to the next, the layers will vary with each CAD. This data is collected and not maintained by Texas County GIS Data. This data is updated yearly.

Premium GIS Data ($200)- This data is cleaned and maintained by Texas County GIS Data. A majority of the data sets are topology free in the terms of polygons must not overlap, lines must not overlap, lines must not self-overlap, and no dangles. These data sets are updated nightly and have uniform layers. We also have a working relationship with all of these CADs.

Proprietary GIS Data ($ 500 to $1000)- This data is owned and created by Texas County GIS Data. These shapefiles are not available at this quality anywhere else.

You must have winrar or winzip installed to extract the GIS shapefiles.

You can download winrar by clicking here or winzip by clicking here.

Downloading Purchased GIS Data and Property Ownership Information.

Once you have purchased the County information, click on the download link provided in the purchase confirmation page . You will be allowed to download this data 5 times.

How to Open GIS Shapefiles in ArcGIS.

  1. You can use any of the following software to view the shapefiles.

ArcGIS Explorer




How to View Your GIS Purchase History.

You may view your previous purchases by clicking on My Account and entering your login information and then clicking on Orders.

Here is an example of the GIS shapefile data you are buying.

Need Additional Help with your GIS Data or Ownership Data?

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