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How Texas County GIS Maps Help Businesses & Taxpayers

How Texas County GIS Maps Help Businesses & Taxpayers

Whether it’s a business owner prospecting new clients, or two neighbors determining whose land a tree sits on, BIS GIS mapping consultants provide accurate, up-to-date information in countless situations.

Here is an example of how a Texas county GIS map helped a local business recently.

The owner of a local timber company used a Texas county GIS data map as a prospecting and evaluation tool with great success.

The timber company visited their local county website and selected GIS parcel data on an area they planned to work in. They looked for large parcels of land to target clients. Then they turned on the aerial imagery background to see the amount of tree foliage.

The business utilized the measuring tool to get a rough estimate of the treeline, then calculated the total acreage of trees for usable timber. Knowing the parcel acreage allowed the timber company to make a rough estimate of their revenue for each job.

By using tools provided within the Texas county GIS map, the timber company was able to make better business decisions. The timber company shared with us that they are grateful for this government service that assists local business owners.

Business owners aren’t the only ones who receive value from our Texas county GIS maps. In addition to being a helpful business development and prospecting tool, Texas county GIS data maps are also valuable for those looking to lease property.  We often receive calls from the public who mention that interactive maps allow them to see property information and print maps without having to bother appraisal district staff.

Whether you are a timber company prospecting new clients, or a taxpayer trying to determine the boundaries of your property, BIS GIS mapping consultants provide accurate, up to date information in countless situations.