Terms of use for purchasing data and its intended use. The GIS data is intended for download by local tax payers and to be used locally on one computer. If the data is being used on more than one machine, or is being pushed into multiple machines through a software application, or any other type of application, there are licensing fees that go with that. Additionally, this data is not permitted for resale in anyway. We can provide a single copy of the data at the rate of $200; we can also discuss licensing fees for multiple machine use of the data. If you have any additional questions please contact info@texascountygisdata.com


The data priced at $200 we provide you all the property information for that County via a zipped file. With this file you can search, sort or do what you like with the data. Why pay for partial data results with other companies when you can obtain all the data for a particular county here. Parcel data is the foundation for performing spatial analysis and visually representing ownership information. Texas County GIS Data Parcel data displays a wealth of information that is associated with properties including valuations, ownership, service areas, and more. Parcel data also enables sophisticated spatial analysis such as proximity, overlay and buffers. Numerous industries use parcel data in their daily operations, and many are realizing new ways to enhance their capabilities, advertise efficiently, provide additional services and reduce operating costs. Geographical information forms the basis of decisions that we make in life ranging from purchasing property to expanding business and marketing strategies. As such, it has become necessary for individuals, businesses, institutions, and governments to have a platform that presents all the necessary information in real time. Texas County GIS Data is the ultimate source of Texas GIS data. Our company seeks to present the most reliable information using five simple steps: ·We acquire various data from trustworthy organizations and institutions such as county land and water authorities, TNRIS, UNEP, and World Bank Geodata. ·The data is stored in our databases as it goes through the categorization process. ·Texas County GIS Data uses programming products to integrate the information with the county’s spatial system. ·Spatial analysis results in the production of reliable information that is easy to interpret. ·GIS Data is shown in form of maps, tables, and visual variables. One of the key aspects of GIS Data in Texas is tax parcel data. Parcel data is made up of land ownership information in Texas. Parcel data integrates the physical geographic information of both private and public land, using precise ownership details that are updated frequently. Parcel data is represented on maps that vary within a wide spectrum from precise detail to general overview; depending on a user’s needs. At Texas County GIS Data we assure our data contains accurate information, presented in a user-friendly format, to give users an easy experience. Fully informed decision-making has never been easier than through harnessing the power of geographic information systems, and our company accentuates the experience with its programming prowess. Our information satisfies the need for accuracy and relevance, which all users aim to obtain in every search.