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The Top Four Reasons To Use Texas County Data From BIS

The Top Four Reasons To Use Texas County Data From BIS

We know that customers have choices of where they get their Texas County GIS data. There are options from Enverus to IHS Markit to companies like BIS.

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Why would clients purchase Texas county GIS data from BIS? What is better about BIS data?

  1. Our data is fresh. We are the premiere provider of updated property ownership and tax roll information for the state. We receive frequently updated county tax and property ownership information for over ⅔ of the state of Texas.
  2. Our data can be updated in our client’s system automatically. We offer direct server access through a REST interface for our subscription clients. With our REST interface, you don’t have to worry about manual updates. As Texas GIS data changes, updates get automatically pulled into your map. We feel it is important to leverage the newest technologies, like the REST interface, to make a seamless experience for our clients.
  3. Our data is easy to read and easy to use. You could compile thousands of tables of information, clean it, then upload it into your database, but no one grows up hoping to reformat Texas parcel data. Let us do the heavy lifting and provide one easy-to-read, updated file. Texas county GIS maps from BIS are clean and easy to use.
  4. Data delivery is immediate. Clients can instantaneously download the Texas GIS parcel data from our website in a GIS file format. (Sneak peek: we are developing an Excel spreadsheet format that will be available in the future!)

What is your relationship with the source data?

Texas GIS parcel data is publicly available information. Between The Freedom of Information Act and The Public Information Act, citizens have access to government records. This means that individuals can access Texas county ownership and tax roll information independently.

Often when this data is requested from the county itself, it is not easy to read or use. BIS is contracted to provide services to many counties in Texas. We leverage the data we receive from the counties to benefit all, and offer our services of standardizing and normalizing the data. We pull data from the county nightly in most cases, normalize the data and package it in a way that is easily digestible. We package our data in a way that can easily be used with other applications for our customers.

Whether you are in oil & gas, healthcare, real estate or local government, there are major benefits from using the Texas county GIS maps from BIS. Visit our website to download Texas county GIS maps at