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Top 7 Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Postcards in 2022

Are you looking to become THE go-to agent in a neighborhood? Real estate farming postcards are an effective and low-cost way to solicit an entire neighborhood at once.

We have seven hot tips on how to leverage your real estate postcard mailing campaign to land more clients.

Here are our top 7 marketing ideas for creating effective real estate farming postcards.

  1. Personalization gets attention. “Hey…They know my name!” Address your real estate postcard or letter to the owner’s unique name, instead of “Dear Homeowner”. Add the name of the neighborhood (Highland Village) on the front of the real estate postcard for even higher engagement.
  2. Define your boundary. It is unrealistic to market to an entire county or city. Instead, target a specific zone. Look for neighborhoods with appealing features, like an award-winning school district, and mail your real estate postcard in the summer months before the next school year starts. Texas County GIS property owner data includes the school district, owner’s name, and complete mailing address.
  3. Find your blue ocean. Lots of competition? Target a neighborhood where another agent has not already staked their claim before initiating your real estate postcard campaign.
  4. Make mailers affordable. Texas County GIS Data offers property owner data that is affordable, ranging from $50-$200 per county.
  5. Diversify your marketing strategy. Market where people live. Stay top of mind in the area by appearing in the local paper, community Facebook page, on the bulletin board at the neighborhood cafe, and in resident’s mailboxes. Ask the local coffee shop and grocery store to hang up your flyer to advertise your services.
  6. Use updated addresses. Texas County GIS data offers data that is updated nightly, so you won’t waste money sending real estate postcards to the wrong house or owner who has moved.
  7. Mail more than once. Consistency is key. Don’t just send real estate postcards when you need listings: do it year-round. Some owners with children may be more likely to move when school is out during the summer months. Other owners may change jobs at the start of the new year. More real estate postcards means more chances of getting noticed.

View our Texas County GIS Data maps to create your own targeted prospecting list here. Our ownership information includes each property’s mailing address with city state and zip code, plus the owner’s name.
Good luck with your next real estate farming postcard campaign!