Texas County GIS Data is the only online GIS data and mapping company that obtains nightly updated GIS data and ownership information from the source. Our Premium Data is updated every night so you can assure that you are purchasing the latest GIS Data and property ownership information. Other online GIS  reseller’s data could be weeks or even months old.  Our unique partnership with BIS Consultants gives us this ability.

Texas 811 Premier Partner

We are Texas 811's provider for GIS data and ownership information

In partnership with Texas 811, Texas County GIS Data offers a central repository for all their GIS and property ownership needs.

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Download Texas GIS Data. Texas County GIS Data is your source for Texas parcel data, Texas GIS data, property data, ownership information, parcel information and GIS mapping services. We provide quality GIS datasets to a multitude of different industries including: State and Local Governments, Oil & Gas, Renewable Energy Services, Real Estate, Marketing, Healthcare, Right-of-Way, and other Public and Private Sector Corporations.

The data you purchase from Texas County GIS Data priced at $200.00 comes directly from BIS Consulting . Counties priced at $100 we have compiled from other sources to make your life easier and we cannot guarantee the quality of this data.

Texas County GIS Data is your one stop shop for all your GIS data map needs. Check out all the counties we currently have in Texas by clicking on the County Data tab at the top. For questions on bulk pricing please call 800-247-9045 or email More can be found under our Terms.

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