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Insights derived from the power of place are benefiting health and human services professionals in their work. By utilizing spatial data and geographic information system (GIS) technology, professionals can identify coverage gaps in target populations, enhance workflows, and effectively plan for and mitigate unforeseen events. The application of GIS leads to improved health outcomes, increased accessibility to healthcare, and ultimately fosters healthier communities.

Healthcare GIS Data

Texas County GIS Data has a powerful, user-friendly mapping tool designed specifically for professional healthcare use. With a comprehensive set of features, our healthcare GIS data empowers your organization to leverage geographic elements essential for building successful healthcare networks and delivering top-notch medical services.

TCGD offers an affordable solution, equipped with all the necessary tools and data you need. This enables hospital groups, managed care organizations, employer groups, and third-party administrators (TPAs) to excel in the competitive healthcare landscape. With TCGD, optimizing operations and delivering quality healthcare has never been easier.

Across different regions, the dynamics of health and healthcare provision can vary significantly. With TCGD, you can effectively visualize and map these variations, including population density, age distribution, disease prevalence, race, ethnicity, poverty, and access to care. Our healthcare GIS gives you essential geocoding and geographic information system (GIS) tools that establish crucial connections between patient and population locations, enabling exploration of these relationships in local demographics.

  • Understanding of the health and morbidity of a population
  • Map out specific health variables
  • Easily find clustering or locally elevated risks
  • Examine patterns of health care utilization and/or access to care
  • Deliver in-home medical services more efficiently
  • Analyze health care coverage to identify gaps or inefficiencies
  • Match a network of health care specialists and providers to the needs of the population
  • Select optimal locations for new hospitals, outpatient clinics, or offices

Healthcare GIS Frequently Asked Questions

GIS remains a valuable tool in the field of public health, particularly for conducting epidemiological studies. By diligently tracking the origins of diseases and monitoring the spread of contagions, government agencies and health organizations can mount more efficient responses to disease outbreaks. This is achieved through the identification of at-risk populations and the strategic targeting of interventions, ensuring a more effective approach to public health management.

GIS stands for geographic information system (GIS), which is a technological tool that’s used for comprehending geography and making intelligent real-time decisions. The healthcare industry relies on GIS technology to better meet the needs of customers. GIS provides healthcare with an efficient, integrated platform for data management, planning and analysis, workforce automation, and situational awareness.

Our Healthcare GIS software tracks a wide range of utility and electric GIS data points, that includes Ownership, Parcel Boundaries, Lot Lines, Abstracts, Subdivisions, School Districts, Streets, Blocks/Sections, and City Limits.